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Lets see, intersting stuff about yourself is pretty hard to write. Well I am 26, married and have kids.
Slash pretty much rules my world (Rammstein and Green Day especially),look upwards if you like Rammstein and reading about hot German men getting it on.

Rammstein - Underated by many people but are completly amazing, thinking about some bands who are crap and don't deserve there fame it is sad that Rammstein don't get the credit they deserve - well in my opinion anyway. They are sort of a new thing for me even though I have always been aware of there music, but better late than never.
Green Day - My first band, when I was 14. Another band who get better with the years.
Marilyn Manson - Another teenage love of mine, I have loved them since I was 17.

Yeah so those are my main bands, so no slagging them to me. If you don't like them that's cool but I don't want to hear any nastiness.

I love watching crap daytime Tv, Neighbours is especially a favorite of mine- yes it is unrealistic and cheesy but that is a good thing.Trashy talk shows are always good for a laugh too.
I have been a fan of rock and metal since I was a teenager, so you can say I kind of stood out at school- it was weird to like that music when I was still at school. Yes being called a freak was great fun!so that means I hate prejudice and bullying in all it's forms, I have no time for bitchy pathetic people- we're not in the playground anymore people!
I won't tolerate Racism, homophobia, sexism, nasty personal comments about people. Sorry to get heavy there but I like to let people know.
Anyway that's about all you need to know for now, you'll learn the rest soon enough.

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Please leave a comment if you want to be added, just because I want to make sure you have something in common with me. If you don't like people who will disagree with you when you annoy me then this ain't the place for you. I don't like to argue with people but then again if you say something I really object to then I will say something.